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#595909 - 10/30/18 06:23 AM New member, really want to race!
Cone Offline
New Member

Registered: 10/30/18
Posts: 6
Loc: Central Texas
Hello all,

I am bouncing around through the website and on this forum and want to know how to get started. The website FAQ states things like "all you need is your bike and gear" and "it wont cost anything to get started" but I cannot seem to dig up any more info.

I have no experience with any racing league or circuit. I have an old air cooled XR and I want to push it and myself - we are both the same age =P

I have a friend who I believe will also be joining me but even if he cannot, I want in!


#595912 - 10/30/18 09:21 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Cone]
Irishcoffee Offline
Veteran Lunatic

Registered: 08/17/02
Posts: 2944
Where are you located?


#595913 - 10/30/18 12:30 PM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Irishcoffee]
Trip Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/27/17
Posts: 5
I'm by no means the most experienced participant myself but its really as easy as signing up for the race and showing up to get into your first event. The only expense is the entry fee for each race. There's no special membership required and you can jump in at any time of series schedule. Others may chime in with better direction than me but here's my suggestions on how to get started:

1) Got to Live Laps (https://www.livelaps.com/promoter?12791) to register for the TSCEC races. You'll need to set up a Live Laps account (which is just basic contact info, user name and password), then register for the particular upcoming event you want to enter. When registering you can choose which class you want to compete in and there's even a "comment to promoter" section where you can request specific row # or that you and your friends/family are on the same row together.

2) Find the race flyer either on the TSCEC Site or the Sponsoring Club/Host website or Facebook page. Here's where you'll find the critical dates, times and most critically the "Where". The great fliers have actual address', GPS coordinates or Google Maps key words. The bad fliers have directions from towns other than the one you'll be coming from.

3) On race day (if your not camping at the race site) get there early and find the registration area. If you pre-registered on Live Laps they'll have your registration info and number plate. You'll need a transponder and you get that at registration. If you didn't pre-register you can do so the day of, but its unlikely you'll get to be on same row as friends and there's usually a line which can make the first time even more nerve wracking, so pre-register if possible. The folks at registration are always SUPER FREINDLY and more than happy to answer questions and help.

4) Be sure to make the riders meeting. Usually starts 1hr before race time by the registration area. Here's where you'll get instructions on where to go, heads up on course markers, etc. and a reminder to let faster riders by.

5) Your Race # is also your Row #. Lots of riders will be milling around the starting area. Look for the other guys in your row and kind of "fall in" with the procession to the starting line.

6) Once in line with your row, you've made it. Now your going racing!

Things to bring:

1: Gas can. Make a "Flag" with duct tape and put your row # on the flag with a sharpie marker. This will help you find your can at the gas stop. There'll be "gas can" trailer that will take the cans to the gas stop and set them up according to the row # so they're easy to find.

2: Hydration pack. Put some granola bars/clif bars, etc. in it so you can eat something between sections. Some guys will attach a feed bag to their gas can too. Your going to burn a lot of calories.

3: Tools. Same ones you take with you when you go ride in case you need to work on your bike pre race or something. Not a bad idea to take a mini set of the bare basics in your pack in case you have a problem on the course.

4: Waterproof/Windproof top layer. Some of the races are in cold months and you'll be warm in no time once the race starts, but sometimes its good to have something that'll keep you warm till start time and is easily stowed away once your out on the course.

5: Positive Attitude. Aint gonna BS you: These enduro's aren't exactly cake walks, but they're doable and a ton of fun. Your likely going have a "get off" or two. Your going to get passed by faster riders. Your probably going to be physically challenged. Stay positive during all of it and you'll be hooked and want to come back for more.


#595922 - 10/31/18 11:29 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Trip]
Airbob Offline
TON Member

Registered: 08/08/10
Posts: 72
Trip did a good job of covering the basics. Couple other things that may help.

1. a set of bark busters/hand guards on your bike. There will be stuff wacking you on the hands from time to time.
2. a set of bib mousses rather than tubes in your tires can save you a flat tire out on the course. If not bibs at least running heavy duty tubes with sealant in them will help. There's no shortage of thorns out there.
3. bring some armor: helmet, goggles and boots for sure. a chest protector, knee guards and elbow guards will help in case of an unexpected get off or close encounter with a tree.


#595925 - 11/01/18 02:43 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Airbob]
Cone Offline
New Member

Registered: 10/30/18
Posts: 6
Loc: Central Texas
Thanks for the input!

I am in Central Texas, just north of Austin. I found the TSCEC facebook and got some info from there too.

The bike is mostly ready, I have a few things I need/want to do but it has handgaurds and I have a full set of quality gear. I do not have bib mousses but it does have HD tubes and so far they have held up great, I will look at getting sealant in them before the first race.

As far as the gas can, I saw their recent FB post/update with the race distances, numbers, etc... I am seeing SS, Short and Long finish distances and it doesnt put the gas up locations along with the distances between parts but I am pretty certain I can make those without a problem. Are you typically not running a full tank and having just enough fuel, to save weight? OR are you guys out there on bikes with small tanks and literally cannot make the distances without a gas stop?

The bike I have is probably "too big for these types of races" according to most but I am of the mindset "run what ya brung". I foresee making changes to the machine, or a different bike altogether, to better suit this circuit but I am beyond excited to push myself and abilities!!

I am getting prepared to start up next year with you guys!


#595926 - 11/01/18 05:42 PM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Cone]
RenegadeDude Offline
Hall of Fame

Registered: 11/28/06
Posts: 1364
Loc: Lubbock,Tx
Awesome to hear Cone. If you show up with that positive attitude you've already won no matter what the finish. Once you ride one you'll be hooked.
Richard T. Manning
The "T" stands for Terrific
2014 KTM 300 XC-W


#595928 - 11/02/18 04:40 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: RenegadeDude]
Texaschwag Offline
New Boot

Registered: 02/19/18
Posts: 10
Loc: Roanoke
I signed up and this will be my first as well. Are there any camping rules? Can I bring my traeger and or have a fire?

See ya there.


#595929 - 11/02/18 06:02 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: RenegadeDude]
Cone Offline
New Member

Registered: 10/30/18
Posts: 6
Loc: Central Texas
Originally Posted By: RenegadeDude
Awesome to hear Cone. If you show up with that positive attitude you've already won no matter what the finish. Once you ride one you'll be hooked.

Ah, well... fortunately I am ALREADY HOOKED I am looking forward to meeting you all! I love riding my bike and this is exactly the type of riding I have been wanting to get into.

I have the basic idea of what to expect which is good enough. It seems that my "run what ya brung" attitude and ability to rough it have me ready for this adventure.


#595931 - 11/02/18 10:24 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: Cone]
whirlwind Offline
New Boot

Registered: 08/03/08
Posts: 16
Loc: Floydada Texas
I hope I can answer most of your questions you have left. As everyone told you, this is not a sport for the weak. As far as gas, most bikes run a regualar tank. We run long distances and it is usually a long way back to camp if you run out of gas. As far as Course length, SS- is the Super Short Course, they typically ride to the first gas. Then you have your regular short and long course. We (The Race Chairs) will assign your row when you sign up, and that is your placment for the day. As far as your tires go, we do have a LOT of cactus and mesquite thorns that are tire getters for sure. Be prepared!! If you have any other questions please feel free to contact any TSCEC board members and we will do our best to answer any and all questions you may have! Look forward to seeing you on the trials!!


#595950 - 11/06/18 09:19 AM Re: New member, really want to race! [Re: whirlwind]
Cone Offline
New Member

Registered: 10/30/18
Posts: 6
Loc: Central Texas
Excellent, thanks whirlwind!

One question I keep forgetting to ask is, do I need a number plate on my forks? I do not own a number plate.

I found out nobody makes bibs or tubliss for my bike, old school Honda and their 17" rims... I will be getting some UHD in the tires ASAP.


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