Hey guys! I've got a 2002 YZ426 (not the best bike, I know). I was doing the hot cam auto decompression mod to it and snapped one of the cam cap bolts off in the head 🤦‍♂️. I tried the whole reverse thread easy out thing but no luck. I had to drill it, thinking I'd drill out the old bolt and tap in new threads. In drilling out the old bolt, I must have went way too far and ended up drilling through that and into the space kinda half way through the head. I can tell, nothing crazy got messed with. It didn't go into the intake and didn't go through to the under side of the head. Just in the big open space in-between. I went ahead and tapped new threads in and they seem to be doing fine. Also, the space I tapped into is open and I can see through it even before the misshap so I doubt it'll cause an issue. I just wanted to get you guy's take on it. Would it cause any structural damage? Should I just spring for a new head and call it a $500 lesson? I'll see if I can't post a picture of what I'm talking about to give y'all a better idea. Thanks!