If anyone is interested, please contact myself of Steve direct. Below is a detailed daily schedule of events, this is a great opportunity and also, it will take place one week prior to a TORCS race event, come get yourself an advantage for the upcoming race weekend.

I have other information however, TON forum will not allow me to copy and paste everything, please contact me through PM and I will get the rest of the info to you.

Here is What a Typical Day at SHR Boot Camp Looks Like:

9-10am: Yoga and Stretching
10-10:15am: Mental Visualization & Goal Setting
10:15-Noon: Fun Competition Drills (Starts, Figure-8s, Slow Race, etc.)
Noon-1:00pm: Lunch Break
1:00-3:30pm: Balance Drills, Corner Track, S-Turns, Trials/Technical Control Drill, Box Drill
3:30-4:00pm: Circuit Training for Upper Body, Core, Lower Body
4:00-5:00pm: Cardiovascular and Endurance Training
The cost would be $200 per day.

Thanks all, James Ellis
Cycle Shack North
Nuetech Mousse

James #102