Hey everyone! My name is Scott Willingham and I am the Texas Director of FCA Motocross (Fellowship of Christian Athletes, texasfcamx.com). I'm new to the forum (and new to offroad racing as well), but we have many friends in and around the offroad world and are really excited to get involved in such a great group of folks!

We (Texas FCA Motocross) are putting on an offroad specific summer camp in Houston this year at Rio Bravo July 10-13 and wanted to get the word out a bit. We already have Andrew Short, Jacki Short, Jojo Toole, Cheyenne Harmon, Steve Dennis, and Isaac Wright lined up to be some of our instructors and have several more great names on standby as well, if we were to fill up all of our current camper spots. This camp will be our first offroad camp in Texas, but FCA has done dozens of offroad camps across the country that we are able to learn from, we have some great offroad racers lined up to help staff our camp, and we have personally put on over a dozen MX camps in Texas, and all of them were a blast! This camp will be held at RioBravo, alongside our current Houston FCA MX camp. Essentially, there will be two camps happening at the same time (one will be MX-only training, and the other will be Offroad-only training) that will "share" the facilities, have chapel at the same time, have the same food caterer (Big Hal!!), etc. Some of our MX instructors include: Andrew Short, Jacki Short, Lane Shaw, Curren Thurman, Vann Martin, Vernon McKiddie, Larry Hughes, Reed Koch, Chris Morris, and Cheyenne Harmon. Our camps are for all ages (6-96), all of our campers are divided into small groups (10 or less) according to age, bike size, and skill level, and we provide all the training, food, fellowship, and competitions! You provide lodging, your dirt bike, gas, gear, and about 10lbs of sweat each day! We will spend roughly 4 hours on the bike each day learning specific skills from our instructors, we will have a full band, a chaplain, multiple small-group bible studies each day, and we will get to enjoy the pool at Rio every day as well!

I could go on even more, but probably the best thing to do is to go to our website and check out the details and some of our past camp videos there! Just go to texasfcamx.com and select the Houston Offroad Camp link. Also, feel free to email or call me with any questions! All of my contact info is on our website (under "Texas Staff" also smile. Thanks for your time everyone and I hope to see you at camp this summer!

Feel free to contact me at 254-413-0699 or at swillingham@fca.org with any questions!
Texas FCA Motocross exists to EQUIP, TRAIN, and SEND. ...to EQUIP leaders for the work of Gospel ministry by TRAINING them in the Gospel and SENDING them to share the Gospel in their contexts and in fellowship with the local church.