I would greatly appreciate any information leading to the recovery of our bikes. Any tips may also be called in to the College Station Police Department.

Two 2013 KX250f's, stolen from Welsh in College Station on the night of 6/10/16. One has 411 number plates vin Jkakxmzc3da002814, one has blank white plates vin Jkakxmzc0da003354. Took the gas can too. 411 bike has an aftermarket kickstand, mismatched levers (blue brake, silver clutch), black plastics, lime green chain guides, and orange fork socks. It has an hour meter that read around 85 hrs before it was stolen. The one with white plates has a Hinson sticker on the swingarm and black fork socks.

Please be on the lookout for sketchy craigslist posts, spray painted dirtbikes, etc. The thieves are probably punk kids who didn't want to work for their own toys, judging by the fact that the truck with all our gear in it wasn't broken into. These bikes mean a lot to us and we just hope they turn up somewhere.

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