"As a TORO member, you have the right to state your opinion or facts as a member by writing posting on the official TORO open “TON” forum. However, the TORO administrator and the webmaster have the right to remove your posts/comments/remarks if found offensive or detrimental to the organization. The same applies to the public TORO Facebook Fan page and Group page."

Please be respectful and mindful of others - we appreciate honest feedback, but monitor topics. Typically, we do not delete posts unless it is warranted, but will lock things if they get out of hand. This is a free forum, monitored by volunteers - if there are significant concerns, please contact our staff email to get things addressed.

Also, our members (those that pay membership to the organization) are outlined in our rulebook where these rules apply. Any forum account is held to the same rules stated above.
-Tyler Ruckdeschell A129/N29/29R, 29O (@29TRuck)
TORO BOD - President/Scoring Supervisor/IT guy
2016 HUSKY FC350 & 2016 KTM 350 XC-f
Thanks to:
Autism MX
Tucker Rocky (DC 46, you rock!) - Couldn't do it without you guys!
Vita Brevis Clothing - instagram @vitabrevis
No Toil
The family - KRuck, Jean Ruck, and Jo Ruck
And all my friends!

This is why I do it!