I am sure it would never turn up in our group but if you guys ever see my 5' x 10' utility trailer let me know who has it and I'll give you $500! Seems some slimebag decided he needed my trailer more than I did. It has the tall 6' or so tail gate which has several broken spots in the expanded metal and the license plate is mounted vertically on the fender unless they put a proper mount on it. It has 3' (foot) long rails mounted in the black wood flat bottom in 2 places about 3 feet apart. There is a center O hook and 2 more on the outside on screw-in hooks to mount bikes. The wheels are white wagon spokes with (I think) small 14" (inch) tires. It has a Bulldog slide hitch with extended lever to open it. It may still have Libertarian bumper stickers on it. I will add the make and soon.
I believe you will consider this time well spent.