The Trail Riders in Christ will be having a Card Chase on May 29, 2006 down at the Crooked Creek Cycle Park.
Come on down and have some fun.

Where: The Crooked Creek Cycle Park (
Go to their web page for a map.

When: Memorial Day May 29th, 2006

Time: The FUN will start at 9:30AM Monday morning. Some of us will be camping out on Sunday night (after church). Come out early and join the fun.

Cost: The Card Chase is FREE!!! However all non-members of the Crooked Creek Cycle Park will pay the usual $10 rider fee.

Who: Everyone is welcome (riders, family, and friends).

What: Here is what to bring.
Bike (motorcycles, or ATVs) and riding gear
Plenty of food, and water
A fun attitude and lots of it

How: We will have a Card Chase for the kids, starting at 9:30AM. Kids will make laps around a special course, and draw a card at the end of each lap. The best hand wins. If their kids don’t have a bike, or can’t ride, parents can ride their kids around the course.
Every kid will get an award.

After the kids race, everyone go riding and have fun all day. While you are riding, HUNT for white buckets throughout the park.
Short course buckets 1 – 5 will be somewhere along the Bonehead, Bertha, Lost in the Woods and Hog Wild trails. They will be easy to find.
Each bucket will have numbered envelopes inside. The buckets, and envelopes are numbered 1 – 5 for the short course, with an additional bucket 1a, and 3b, for the long course. Riders will collect 1 envelope from each bucket.

The long course buckets will be the same buckets as the short course, but buckets 1a, and 3b will be on the Twist and Shout, the Bone Splinter and the new Twist Off. These trails are tight and technical, so please no 4-wheelers, or beginner riders.

All sealed envelopes must be turned in to the scoring table before 3PM.
Short course riders will have 5 envelopes numbered 1 – 5.
The long course will have 7 envelopes numbered 1 – 5, and 1a, and 3b.
Trophies will be handed out to the top 3 hands for the long and short course at 3PM.

Questions: Contact Ralph at phone: 214-566-3458