We have decided to reschedule the Gator Bait race for March 9th. The reason for doing so is that many of you have ridden that property in the past knows that it is a gravel mining operation. I have been working side by side with the gravel company and they have promised that they were not going to take down any more sections until after the race this weekend.

Well as luck would have it it has rained quite a bit over the course for the last 3 days and I had to cancel the race for this weekend. The gravel company has granted me a two week extension per my request. I know this set's up for back to back races but I promise you that you will leave after the race with a big smile on your face, or so I hope so. Me and my crew have cut in some really nice sections that will test even the very best.

We will still run the kids & womens race on Saturday.

So please let's all pray together for no more rain and I hope to see each and everyone of you out at Skull Creek.

Gator Bait Chairman
2010 Husaberg FE 450