This is a "quick access" board set up to allow both the trackowners and the riders to submit info and find info FAST!

We hope the trackowners and event promoters in Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Arkansas and Lousiana, will use this board to post upcoming event info for the riders. We welcome any information from any source.

Just for the record....if you are a new user here on the TON....
Read the FAQs -


Please encourage trackowners to use this board. If they are not interested, please help us help each other. Simply COPY and PASTE the info we need onto a post here.....either by going to the track website or by copying the race flyer info.

The more tracks that find out this FREE resource is here, the more they will use it....and all the riders benefit by having a single stop online information source.

TO ALL TRACKOWNERS - - Information about the Texas Offroad Network - -

The TON hosts the websites and/or forums for TSCEC, STORM, TORO, TORCS, TORN, TQRA, GCQRA, TCSC and dozens of clubs, tracks, parks and others. We are purely volunteer staff made up of a co-op of very highly skilled web guys who are club webmasters and riders. All our services are free of charge and no strings attached. The TON is not a corporate website. We are a sincere not-for-profit community project setup to help promote multiple offroad user group needs in Texas.

I would like to encourage you to post any EVENT info you have, anytime you like, on this forum. We don't consider it spam. We don't care if you advertise the upcoming events at your track, so long as it is to show support or supply info to the riders...ya'know what I mean? We're not in this for the money, so you are not competition to us! In fact, the riders and our readers are always looking for info....

If you would like your own messageboard...even if it is small and lightly used in the beginning...we can set it up in a matter of minutes and you will be given the main Moderator priviledges. You can use it to post event info and changes to event info...and link it into your website for your visitors to use to get info or ask questions or offer advise.

BTW - If you ever need free webhosting, let us know. We can help. The TON is a webhosting company as well - with huge bandwidth allowances - all part of the co-op. And when you host with the TON and you link into our network, it helps us build the community and helps you promote better rider contact.

We have Admins and Moderators on the TON who can help you if you don't have the skill in some area or another. That is the benefit of networking our individual strengths. We have great tools already set up, so if you ever need anything we have, just problem!

The TON is hoping to begin a new project to create an online database of all the offroad recreation areas, trail systems and tracks used by motorized user groups in Texas. We would appreciate your support by supplying us with information and access to your property when the time comes for our Staff to feature your property. In the meantime, any info you can supply to the TON project via the online forums would be a great benefit to the community in Texas and the surrounding states.

For more information - contact us by email -

Thank You!

If there's ever anything we can do to help you, just let us know.
Really....whatever we have that you can use....just ask.