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#149202 - 01/29/05 09:38 AM Course Info, Cancellations, etc
Bud Administrator Offline

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Loc: Garden Valley, TX
Let's save a lot of typing by sharing a little information:

1. Course Information

I post the course information on the circuit's Schedule Page as soon as I get it. I also send a notice to the distribution list as soon as I get home. If the information is not on the schedule page, I don't have it. Note that clubs are not required to make this information available until the day before the event (usually Saturday). If you have the course information and it is not on-line, you might want to share it with the rest of us.

2. Cancellations

The TSCEC has cancelled very few events during its 32 years of racing. Of the few that have been cancelled, most have been at the land owner's request. An enduro will go on in cold, rain, snow. It is supposed to be a test. Each division has two drops. If you don't want to get wet and cold, use a drop.

A number of events are held in west Texas in regions that receive less than ten inches of rain a year. Just because it is raining at your house doesn't mean it is raining at the race site. And if you trust the weather man, we've got some ocean front property for you near Post.

If it were to happen that a race would be cancelled, it is usually called on the morning of the event (i.e.., 07:00 Sunday). This is much too late for the internet to be of any use. If it were to be called earlier, we will do the best we can to get the word out but when in doubt, you better show up at the event.

3. Results

Scoring an enduro is labor intensive as we all know. Once the enduro is over, the actual score cards are sent to the scorekeeper. The scores are manually entered and rider names, classes, and numbers are checked. The results are then merged with the database to produce the standings for all three divisions and the team standings. The TSCEC board of directors is constantly trying to shorten the amount of time between the end of an event and the time the scores are available on the web. Still, it is a volunteer effort. My best advice to you is that if the results are important, you or your representative should remain at the event for the trophy presentation.

4. General Event Information

Remember that the TSCEC is the scantioning body and that the member clubs actually stage each event. Each flyer has a contact name, phone number, and sometimes email addresses on them. For information regarding the event, consult the flyer and then contact the club if you still have questions.

Now, let's have a fun, safe racing season.


#149203 - 02/12/05 08:04 PM Re: Course Info, Cancellations, etc [Re: Bud]
ranchonodinero Offline
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Seeing as it was rescheduled, is the pre-registration extended?


#149204 - 02/12/05 11:06 PM Re: Course Info, Cancellations, etc [Re: ranchonodinero]
Bud Administrator Offline

Registered: 07/07/05
Posts: 4150
Loc: Garden Valley, TX
You'll have to contact the host club. In the past when it was rescheduled five months out, it was not. I would assume the same holds true for a two week postphonement. Again, this is a club decision.


#149205 - 03/23/05 02:43 AM Re: Course Info, Cancellations, etc [Re: Bud]
Kthump Offline
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Loc: New Mexico
I had an interesting thing happen at the Caprock Canyon Enduro. I rode with my son who is a "C" rider. I am an "A". I stayed with him on the short course. Both courses had 14 checks. I had a hard time getting somebody from the club to understand why I needed a DNF when 14 checks were complete on my card. They finally understood and all is good. This could be a future problem. If I was interested, I could have had a decent score with half the work. Maybe always having a different number of checks for short and long would help the confusion. I'm just making a suggestion, maybe this isn't typically an issue.
Jeff Porter


#149206 - 03/23/05 02:54 AM Re: Course Info, Cancellations, etc [Re: Kthump]
Trailgage Offline
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Thank you for the input. I hadn't thought of that possibility. I saw another fellow at caprock trying to get someone to listen that his card was misscored in his favor to the tune of about 5 points. I am not sure how it came out but it makes me feel a good to know there are still honest people around.
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