We'd like to welcome any Dual Sport riders in Texas to the Texas Offroad Network forums!

It's going to be great having Dual Sport riders posting on the boards here.
Feel free to post upcoming news, plan events, rate the trails, whatever.

You can access most of the areas on the website via the frontpage - www.texasoffroad.net

We'd like to encourage all of you to really use the forums and all the features the volunteer staff here on the TON have built for all it's worth. That's why we put in the time and effort, so take advantage of our community.


If any Dual Sport riders would like to have an "icon" on your profile, contact the Admin via the email link at the bottom of the page. You can edit your profile to set up this forum on a daily "subscription" and the TON will send you a single "digest-style" email whenever there are new posts.

If any Dual Sport riders, or their family or friends, would like to create a free photo album, the Admin can also supply you with info. There is a tutorial for those of you who are web savvy in the TON Gallery. Just follow the link > > CLICK HERE DUDE!


Thanks for your support of this community project...by becoming part of our community.
If there's ever anything we can do for any of you, just let us know.

That's what the Texas Offroad Network is all about!
Have a great day on the track or on the trails!


On the TON forums, we DO NOT censor free speech, but we also expect free men to speak with some degree of civility and common sense. There are kids crusing around here, ya'know.... There are all kinds of forums on the TON, set up for all kinds of subjects and content, so use the appropriate forum...please....


READ THE FAQs....let me repeat that....READ THE FAQs.

The short version (easy reading and very helpful stuff) is here....
Standard FAQs Page - Instructions and Tips

The long version (the real hard core rules for hard core users) is here....
Hard Core FAQs and Rules

The Photo Gallery FAQs page is worth a look-see if you plan to use that feature....
Photo Gallery FAQs