Race 1503 Flyer

Posted by: TripleT

Race 1503 Flyer - 12/25/15 07:00 PM


We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Be advised - the PW program has been moved up to accommodate those attending the TCCRA banquet saturday evening. The adjusted race time is 1PM, with the 65's racing first.
Posted by: TC&R

Re: Race 1503 Flyer - 01/03/16 02:11 AM

I see that the flyer still shows the Pee Wee program following the normal schedule. Since the race has been moved up to an earlier time will the track open early for Pee Wee practice?
Posted by: Spareparts

Re: Race 1503 Flyer - 01/04/16 02:13 PM

Are peewee's starting at 1:00 as mentioned above and on the flyer or 3:00? If 1:00 will you open practice an hour or so early and move rider meeting to 12:45?
Posted by: J-Ruck

Re: Race 1503 Flyer - 01/04/16 07:43 PM

We will make the call at the track on Saturday morning after we see the track. So have you peewee riders ready to go off as early as 9:00 maybe 10. The big bike program will stay the same as if always is, there is generally work to be done on Saturday morning on that track so we can't open it up early .
Posted by: DogBoy

Re: Race 1503 Flyer - 01/04/16 10:15 PM

Just wanted to add another vote for moving the peewee practice earlier. A lot of the parents practice on Saturday too so this would be a nice consideration. Appreciate it none the less.
Posted by: TripleT

Re: Race 1503 Flyer - 01/05/16 05:10 PM

We will do our best to move practice times up Saturday morning - this is dependent on the track crew making sure the track is clear (for rider safety), as well as verifying that the marking is complete. We will be sure to get the guys on the track as soon as we can to accommodate both pw and big bike riders.