Berm jumping

Posted by: Airwolf__32

Berm jumping - 04/26/12 03:33 PM

This guy must have taken lessons from John (skip to 2:00)...!
Posted by: GoldDrum

Re: Berm jumping - 04/26/12 03:37 PM

Ouch, like how the cam came off and sat there looking at him while he was there in pain.
Posted by: Airwolf__32

Re: Berm jumping - 04/26/12 05:31 PM

True. That did work out nicely for us spectators.
Posted by: CaD11

Re: Berm jumping - 04/26/12 06:12 PM

Leading the moto... wow, thats a really nice berm i could jump. Air time good. trees to hit after check, alright lets do this!