YZ 125 2007 $2700

Posted by: gmfb

YZ 125 2007 $2700 - 06/15/19 10:39 AM

I am the second owner of this bike and have put about 88 very fun hours on it. The first owner said he put about 10 hours on it but I doubt if he even put 5 hours on it. It looked showroom fresh when I picked it up from him 3 years ago. He said he had it in air conditioned storage since the end of 2008 and looking at it, I believed him.

The top end has about 13 hours on it as does the bearing lubrication. The suspension was rebuilt recently as well.

If you already know about the YZ 125, then you are aware that the KYB, SSS suspension is probably the best factory suspension to ever come on a motocross bike. This bike was so ahead of its time that it is essentially the same YZ 125 as the 2019 model.

I am selling this beauty because I am down-sizing. It was a tough decision, I love this bike. Probably my most favorite MX bike I have ever owned.

Please, serious inquiries only. I understand that everyone has dreams but save everyone some time and do not inquire unless you have cash in-hand and really, really, really, want a YZ 125.

DM with an email address for photos. I'm not tech savy enough to upload them on this site