Ft Hood

Posted by: Irishcoffee

Ft Hood - 07/08/19 11:19 AM

Sure wish a group of TSCEC movers & shakers would get together and present a proposal to the Base Commander at FT Hood to allow us to return. With a proper Professional proposal showing the great history of enduros/ISDE qualifiers there I think it is a real possibility. Using the history of the Army teams and the opportunity to show this as a very positive recruiting tool. I am very certain we have several folks in the TSCEC ranks capable of this. I strongly feel this could easily be a 500 rider event with competent marketing. The terrain and location can't be beat. I realize things have changed with TON but maybe a few good folks will see this.
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Re: Ft Hood - 07/08/19 01:13 PM

One good folk here!!!!
Posted by: pentonrider

Re: Ft Hood - 07/09/19 05:05 AM

2 good folks.
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Re: Ft Hood - 07/09/19 06:36 AM

Hopefully some good folks who use that Facebook thing can spread the word to those in high positions with TSCEC. I am thinking many of our current riders have no idea how awesome Ft Hood can be, it could again be one of those "classics". Very worthy of being an NEPG caliber event.
Posted by: BIZZZARE

Re: Ft Hood - 07/10/19 05:58 AM

It was a very cool place. Kind of shocking to come around a corner, and see 3 dudes sitting on a tank watching the race !
Posted by: Irishcoffee

Re: Ft Hood - 07/20/19 06:25 AM

If any of you fellas are on Facebook maybe you could post this idea on there. It seems TON has lost its effectiveness unfortunately. Ft Hood is probably only a memory for me but I know many younger folk would really love that place. Would be great to see that happen again.
Posted by: lorena

Re: Ft Hood - 08/06/19 06:19 PM

had a many times tccra Waco mx goodtimes
Posted by: JVINCENT

Re: Ft Hood - 08/07/19 12:57 PM

Like a lot of old timers here, I have a lot of fond memories of racing at Fort Hood.

But I don't see TSCEC getting involved here, at least initially. It's going to take a grassroots local organization getting together to make a proposal. First getting some trails open, marked and established, then evolving into some organized races.

TSCEC is only series organizer; the races themselves are put on by local clubs or organizations.

I'm not aware of any authorized riding areas on the base, sad to say. Back in the day, for races anyway, it seems we rode over large areas of the base.
Posted by: trouble_maker

Re: Ft Hood - 09/26/19 05:38 AM

That would be very interesting, think this is really possible?
Posted by: Irishcoffee

Re: Ft Hood - 09/30/19 03:48 PM

Would depend a great deal on the Base Commander, quality of proposal/proposers.The history is rich, hopefully it would be included. A local group would be very advantageous. Maybe a cooperative effort with a military group and a sharing of benefit. I would be happy to pay a higher entry if some of the proceeds helped the troops in some manner.
Posted by: trouble_maker

Re: Ft Hood - 10/01/19 09:39 AM

Would you be interested in leading the charge on this one?
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Re: Ft Hood - 10/01/19 02:34 PM

CK your pms.