Do you wear earplugs when off-roading?

Posted by: JessCan54

Do you wear earplugs when off-roading? - 08/07/19 01:37 AM

I have sensitive ears and would like to buy custom earplugs that I can use while riding my bike or while shooting my guns. My first concern is that I'm not sure how well I'd hear my surroundings if ever I get one.

Here's the link to what I'm planning to get. The brand is called Big Ear and I just heard of them from my cousin in New Braunfels. He said they're good but I want to ask more people first.

Really not sure if I'll get one because custom molded plugs are said to be expensive. But I already tried foams and they don't work well for me.

You fellas have any other recommendations?

Thank you in advance!
Posted by: CR500

Re: Do you wear earplugs when off-roading? - 08/11/19 03:59 AM

Foam ear plugs are the most effective hearing protection short of custom made pieces. They must be worn correctly. There are many different types of foam plugs available. Check out the Howard Leight company and they can recommend a foam plug that may suite you.