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Texplex - 01/11/17 03:35 PM

Any info on the texplex park? I've looked at web site, nothing there, looked at Facebook not much there but from what I can tell it's Gona be more Atv/Utv oriented! I guess that's good for those guys, Not so much for the Dirtbike guys! Bummer!!!
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Re: Texplex - 01/16/17 12:30 AM

Buddy of mine is writing the insurance policy for the guy that owns it. From what I've been told its going to be a bunch of stuff. Track, trails for both atv and bikes. A section that you can go and dig holes with heavy equipment like in Las Vegas. Bunch of other stuff. It's 1100 acres of stuff I believe.
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Re: Texplex - 01/21/17 06:30 PM

Never heard of it. Location? 1100 acres really isn't much.
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Re: Texplex - 01/23/17 12:20 AM

It's in Midlothian , you can look up their website
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Re: Texplex - 02/18/17 06:01 PM

Anyone know what kind of soil out there?
Sandy? Hard packed? Rocky?
Posted by: junius

Re: Texplex - 02/22/17 03:33 AM

The land west of Midlothian is pretty much black. Not likely to see sand or a lot of rocks unless he adds it. If you ever raced maypearl ground should be similar. He's been doing a lot of work with the dozer. Ready for this place to open. Places to ride without racing are harder and harder to find.
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Re: Texplex - 02/22/17 10:59 PM

Yea I kinda figured it was like maypearl, & I know there's not REALY anywhere to ride off-road anymore ( unless you drive all the way to Munster) other than mx tracks, witch are fine it your bike is setup for that