Round 5

Posted by: woodsguy

Round 5 - 05/14/19 06:28 PM

Weather is iffy but last word I got this is still a go, but would definitely check Friday before heading out.
Posted by: GIL

Re: Round 5 - 05/15/19 01:36 PM

Posted by: rockin_s

Re: Round 5 - 05/15/19 04:55 PM

Thanks for the update
Posted by: woodsguy

Re: Round 5 - 05/15/19 08:35 PM

I can't get it to paste but Jackie just put postponement post out. June 28 and 29th is make up.
Posted by: rockin_s

Re: Round 5 - 05/16/19 08:32 AM

Thanks for the update. I got the App alert late last night. Sure was hoping for riding this weekend.
Posted by: Irishcoffee

Re: Round 5 - 05/18/19 11:37 AM

Weatherman has been very brutal to TORCS recently. One bright spot is that it should be nice and cool in late June.