Tie breaker

Posted by: Behindbars

Tie breaker - 12/07/17 07:02 PM

If two racers end up with the same points after drops and adds what determines who is the higher ranked racer?
Posted by: Reed68

Re: Tie breaker - 12/07/17 07:10 PM

Whoever has more wins
Posted by: SpermyAdministrator

Re: Tie breaker - 12/07/17 07:22 PM

most number of 1st, if tie then
most number of second, if tie then
most number of third. if tie then

after all that if still a tie who beat who in last race.
Posted by: Behindbars

Re: Tie breaker - 12/07/17 07:39 PM

10-4 thanks Spermy and Craig