Rally Reults Posted

Posted by: SpermyAdministrator

Rally Reults Posted - 12/06/17 12:07 AM

The final race results are up. Drop points are being added but the dropped races are not being calculated as "0". So the overalls may or may not be correct. I'm trying to figure out the issue.

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Posted by: Slade

Re: Rally Reults Posted - 12/06/17 10:28 AM

Thanks Spermy - are lap times going to eventually show up?
Posted by: SpermyAdministrator

Re: Rally Reults Posted - 12/07/17 10:29 PM

Well maybe. Here's the deal. Motosponder changed their database in mid-season. so now the reporting script isn't looking in the correct cell for data. If I change it all the other races won't show the correct data. I will probably edit this over the break so next year will use a different script. That way all the races in the past won't be affected also.
Posted by: woodsguy

Re: Rally Reults Posted - 12/08/17 06:43 AM

Is this why overall results isn't functioning? Thanks