Old School MX'rs

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Old School MX'rs - 07/26/06 02:47 PM


The link to a new BB for Houston area MX'rs from the 70/80's

(Admin: This old link is dead)
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Hey - you just reminded me that Tim Riddle got a hold of me thru this site?? And he knows and keeps in touch with the "flying" Danny Doss" and Bobby Pickard....It is such a small world.....dee
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This is a good site for contacting old Rio(TX MX racers) racers.Saw a whole lot of familiar names.
Glad I found it.Wow,too cool.

PS-Boy...I haven't heard those names from the "fast bunch out of Dallas" in a long time. Wasn't there a guy named Ricky Kidd too? Rode Huskys. Blackwell too-forget his first name. Doss hauled ass.I know a guy in Tulsa that works at Mercedes dealer in the service reception area,Mike Howell.He used to race Kawas back in the day.He told me he could never race with Danny-FAST!
There was alot of "go fasters" from the DFW area,as I recall.
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Go to page 54....

Cycle News
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Dude, this site blows my head off. I stumbled in to it from trying to find results from the High school (sometime in the 70s) championships.
Brings back my old fellas.Mark Blackwell, Steve Stackable,Gary Bagley, Steve wise,and Kent Howerton. Howerton used to work out of the same shop I did in the early 70s before he got Husky , then, Kawasaki of course.... I ran on #46 or 446 ,917 earlier....
It just feels Awesome to know there is a site to find us old Broken down riders.... Any old pics from Cyclerama, Lake Whitney,Euless, all the central texas tracks?? Especially I love Austin ,it was on the River!! And Lockhart.....
"where the Rocks kicked your ASS !!" I got some old mags with pics too to share...
Robert Morrison
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You should have been at the Rio Bravo Old School Reunion a couple of weeks ago. Steve Stackable & Steve Wise were both out there. Also, Pickard & Diamond Don Rainey were there. It ran alongside of an AHRMA race.