Camping and 4 wheeling..

Posted by: ryche1

Camping and 4 wheeling.. - 11/21/07 05:12 AM

I'm looking for some nice remote camping spots hopefully right near or on the water.. I have a pretty rugged 14 foot trailer and 4x4 F350 truck that i'd like to take to some remote camping spots here in texas, just not sure of any good places to go.. i don't need electric hookups or anything, just a nice place i can get my vehicle into and out of that would be ideal for camping... any suggestions are appreciated...

Also have a boat, so maybe a nother place that offers 4 wheeling and boating... i was thinking there was a lake in east texas that offered such a thing..
Posted by: spidennis

Re: Camping and 4 wheeling.. - 11/21/07 03:28 PM

tis' the season for camping on the beach ......
south padre island has some nice beach, and lots of it .......
while you can't 4x4 on the dunes it's still quite an adventure.
..... and you can do things like this here:
Posted by: MXerDude

Re: Camping and 4 wheeling.. - 12/30/07 07:32 AM

ahh i miss going to SPI every summer...