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trailer question - 01/05/06 02:03 PM

i have a quick question i have a 82 starcraft popup my question is how hard or can you even put a hitch on the back of the popup trailer i was thinking of puttin a hitch on the back to haul a 4x8 trailr with a fourwheeler on it or a motorcyle carrier that slides in the hitch has any body ever donthis and how did it work and how hard was it to do any info on this would be great sorry for all the question but i just got this popup and am new to the popup world i was tent camping before this thanks again

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Re: trailer question - 01/05/06 09:18 PM

I have seen it done by a guy who did the welding himself, he made it really heavy duty. You have to worry about the weight that you're adding to the trailer axle and tires, especially since that weight is far away from the axle, it will exert force opposing the normal weight on the trailer tongue and hitch to the tow vehicle. Texas also has a limit on total length of towed vehicles, but you probably don't have to worry about that. I would say in general, I think you're asking for trouble.
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Re: trailer question - 01/05/06 09:48 PM

It all depends on how much toung weight the trailer has. You never want to
add enough weight to the rear of the pop-up or trailer to cause the toung
to ride up. It must have down weight on the ball. It will start to whip if the
front is too light. You may want to put the 4-wheeler in the truck bed and
pull the pop-up. You could pull two trailers but there again the weight must
be right. You can't put too much weight on the back of the front trailer...
Every pop-up I've had anything to do with was really light on the toung weight..
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Re: trailer question - 01/06/06 10:24 PM

I saw some pop-ups on Thumper Talk that the had the front tongue lengthened and then installed rails. They put their bikes and generators up front.
I am sure a fab shop or weld shop could do it for a 200.00 or maybe less. Go to and do a search on pop-ups and I an sure you find what I am talking about.
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Re: trailer question - 01/07/06 02:13 AM

I've been wanting to extend the tongue of my trailer for a while now... I just don't have the tools. I would also want someone with more engineering/welding knowledge than I have to check my work. Right now my tongue weight is approx 125 lbs. I think it could handle atleast my xr.
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Re: trailer question - 01/07/06 02:07 PM

Thats really the best idea so for but, you haven't bought any metal lately.
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Re: trailer question - 01/08/06 09:53 PM

I was thinking 200 was a little low.... maybe labor only.
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Re: trailer question - 01/08/06 10:22 PM

$200 would be just a bit low but then $500 would be a bit high also.
You should get it done for $350 to $425......
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Re: trailer question - 01/09/06 07:49 AM

Curtis your right I haven't.
I have a friend that is a welder and works with metal so any time I need something I just call him.

I was guessing.
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Re: trailer question - 01/09/06 05:45 PM

SAY Marc
How good of frend is he.....I'm goingto build me a 6X12 in the next week or so?????
I could use some drop offs....
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Re: trailer question - 01/10/06 02:19 PM

Booked I am sure.
He works 50 hours a week for Consolidated Freight and has his side business rebuilding Bobtail trailers. He only helps me because we are buddies.

Re: trailer question - 01/21/06 08:26 AM

How about taking the wheels and axles off the pop up and putting it on the front of a trailer and putting your four-wheeler behind it! Just a thought!
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Re: trailer question - 02/02/09 09:40 PM

Most common and safe is to add to front, due to its a popup. I do my own rear rv hitches and is fine but a trailer behind trailer handles differently. I pull a 31' rv trailer w/ aboat behind, or a 16' low boy with atvs on it. need more info?
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Re: trailer question - 02/03/09 06:35 PM

Say Dude.......
You know this thread is three years old........right????