Arrowhead Hunting Tip

Posted by: Michael

Arrowhead Hunting Tip - 01/19/04 09:08 PM

If you ride in or the country you ride in was ever "Indian Country" try walking your favorite trail esp. after it rains esp. alongside creeks, rivers, as many encampments were in these areas. ATV trails can produce some nice flynt, this technique works well in the Kiamichi Mountains or anywhere in the Choctaw Nation of Ok.

Do you know what Indians say about Whiteman lookin for arrowheads?

Well, Indians don't lookin for bullets.....

Good Luck, let me know what you find,
Posted by: Ifellagain

Re: Arrowhead Hunting Tip - 04/01/04 09:31 PM

Have to be careful. The arrowheads are classified antquities here in Texas. Had a friend find that out the hard way. Cost him $500.00. Game warden picked him up here in Austin when they were putting the extention of Duval road. He was walking down the construction area on a Sunday pm. He had 3 arrow heads on him when the game warden stopped him. It seems there are Indian burial grounds somewhere in that area.
Posted by: Dave

Re: Arrowhead Hunting Tip - 04/06/04 04:08 PM

Yes, in some areas of Texas they are very serious about enforcing the laws concerning Indian artifacts. One of my crazy red neck neighbors (who shall remain nameless..LOL!) has been busted several times for collecting arrowheads and artifacts. A few years ago he and some friends of his found an ancient 12 inch knife made of a single piece of flint where half of the knife is black and the other half is white. Very cool indeed...but I would not want to get caught with it.
I have always heard that it's super bad luck to pick this stuff up....bad indian ju ju I tell you!