I have had a wonderful time camping for free with each sight availible for 14 day stretches along the Arkansas river just north of Salida Colorado. Gold panning is tops!

My family and I camp out on the banks of the river go gold panning at the GPAA sights and when we are not prospecting we are driving the trails climbing the mountains or just mudding.

This area is second best to Moab Utah but very close indeed.

There are also great motels in Salida for those who like beds and showers you know creature comforts with a Jeep dealership for those whom need some fixing up during the trip, and some little resteraunts I suggest Salida as a true must go place.

We purchased a TENTRAX trailer and as it is avertised in Jeep magazine is all that.

It will go anywhere you want to take it and if choose to sleep on top a mountain in Colorado don't hesitate if you ever get your hands on one trust me. GOLD NUGGETT!