I am sending this email to people who firmly believe that
we can responsibly use our lands and our waterways and keep
them environmentally safe at the same time.

President Bush has nominated an excellent candidate, Gale
Norton, to be Secretary of the Interior. As you may know,
the Secretary of the Interior is a cabinet level position
with direct control over federal lands and waterways,
including who can access these lands for recreational use.

The United States Senate has scheduled a confirmation
hearing on Ms. Norton's nomination for Thursday, January
18th and anti-access forces are threatening to de-rail her
nomination and flood the Senate with faxes and letters
against Ms. Norton's nomination.

Our voices must be heard! That's why I urge you to take
action today to support her nomination by sending a FREE
FAX to your Senators by registering on the Americans for
Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) web site

Ms. Norton has been openly critical of the Clinton
Administration's efforts to limit the public's access to
federal lands and waterways. Her nomination offers outdoor
enthusiasts a real chance to change some of the restrictive
use policies enacted during the Clinton Administration.
But we must act now! Visit the ARRA web site Action Center
and send a free fax today.

You can also help by forwarding this message on to others
and encouraging them to register on the ARRA web site.
Thank you for taking time to read my message and consider
this issue that is of such great importance to those of us
who enjoy the outdoors.
Visit http://www.responsiblerecreation.org today.

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