Is a Singletrack Trailride in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains on your Bucket List ?

If you want to go on an Outstanding trailride in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains for 3 days, on a loop you could not do unassisted, check out this October 6-9 rendition when the trees are changing colors.

Ride with GPS Phone compatible GPS Tracks, start and stage at a campground in the Arkansas River, with RV spots, Cabins and motel rooms available.

Ride over the Continental Divide and on the longest continuous Singletrack trail in Colorado to overnight at a remote Mountain Campground were the Club portages your camping gear, cooks dinner and breakfast and provides beverages. Enjoy a campfire and the camaraderie of Like-minded enthusiasts.

Day 2 ride different outstanding singletrack back to staging on the Arkansas River. Camp or stay in a room on the river.

Day 3 ride over a high mountain pass, into an old mining area and ride Mountain bike quality trails to the river loop and back to a Sunday night banquet at the restaurant at the staging area.

With all the widespread OHV closures, knowing where to go and how to get the best out of your riding day is now more valuable than ever before.

If you want good challenges, the best balance of roads, trails, and incredible scenery, and a fun time, with no work putting it all together, this is it.

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