Hey there!

Would any forum members here be interesting in renting out two dirt bikes this weekend? (sorry for the short notice!)

I (austinite) managed to convince my sister and nephew (houstonites) to take the MSF course and now I'd like for them to get some more experience.

I figure riding some dirt trails is probably a good way to start. I haven't been to Sam Houston yet but from YouTube it looks a lot more newbie-friendly than the places I've been to in Austin (Hidden Falls and GSL Ranch).

I've looked online for dirt bike rental places in Houston and I'm not seeing much at all, so I thought I'd reach out here!

About me: a while back I had a daily commuter for a few years (a Virago 250), but hung up the hobby when it got totaled while parked on the street. About three months ago I decided to get back into it and picked up a KLX250SF (supermoto) which I currently have fitted with a set of TKC80's. I've been doing a lot of country road cruising and a bit of light off-roading (Hidden Falls and GSL).