Hello All.

I'm considering rebuilding a PW80 or XR/CRF70 for my daughter as she is beginning to outgrow her TTR50. However, I'm looking to really build something, not just "buff and fluff" a good condition bike that people won't sell for under $900.

I'm talking soda-blast the corroded frame, split the cases and replace everything, rebuild suspension, re-lace wheels kind of project. Nobody lists that kind of stuff on a classifieds board, so I'm most likely going to need to pick up a pile from a motorcycle salvage yard or boneyard.

...which is the question for this thread. I'm in Liberty Hill. Where is the nearest salvage yard, let's say within a three-hour drive radius, that would have a good number of forgotten play bikes to pick from?
Ken Allhands
Liberty Hill, TX
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