Hello All. I'm looking to find either a PW80 or XR/CRF70 that has been very neglected/abused/blown-up for a complete restoration or custom build project, resulting in a bike for my eight-year-old daughter.

behind-the-barn, back-40, back-of-the-shed, left for dead on the old trailer...if it has an intact frame, swingarm, triples, wheel hubs and undamaged cases...I'd likely be interested in it.

BUT...I'm looking for this to be a donor since I'll have to pay to redo/rebuild/replace just about everything on what I bring home.

Does anyone out there have a beat up pile that used to be one of these two bikes they'd like to get off of their property?

Please feel free to PM me through this forum...or leave a reply with contact info and I'll check in daily for the next three weeks or so.
Ken Allhands
Liberty Hill, TX
"Theory and Practice are ALWAYS identical...theoretically..."