$5000 Pro / Overall Ironman Payout

Whose ready for some 8 HOUR tag team action.
This is the PRELIMINARY flyer as we are still actively looking for more sponsors.
We will have a 230 Team & 50 Ironman limit.
Classes and more info can be found at www.trh-cycle.org/set8 and pre-entry will open Nov. 12th. So save this date on your calendar.
A Huge Thanks to our Sponsors: Cycle Shack North, 812 Suspension, Wild West Motoplex, VPMX Park, Cogdell law firm, Gunter Construction, Redline Synthetic Oils, Allstate Insurance, Houston Performance Coatings, Correct Refrigeration & A/C & JD Cycle parts for stepping up and helping us put on this race!
Thanks Chad Hartzog for stepping up to chair this event!
Thanks 441 Racing Garage & Bob's Bump Sticks for the free track support.
Please contact Eric Pullen at eric.pullen@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions or interested in sponsorship.

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Eric Pullen
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