Well it's almost time! Time to get ready to go racing.... here's a checklist to keep you on task.
1) find bike trailer
2) dig out bike, don't trip over the stuff you just threw in there the last race
3) google "how to start bike"
4) Kick for 30 minutes
5)remember you drained the gas after last race
6) Buy new battery for the bike you can't kick
7) Notice there is still water in your camel bak......eww
8) wash camel bak with bleach and rinse because someone will gripe about the bleach taste
9) find pants and jersey
10) wish you wouldn't have been lazy all summer
11) order new gear that fits
12)explain to your child that duct tape holding their now too small gear zipped is the cool trend now a days
13) go into the camper you have been avoiding since May
14) find the "smell"
15) awesome number
16) use the rest of the bleach on the fridge because someone forgot to get the RC out and it exploded
17)find one sock in the shower...? huh?
18) remember the ac didn't work so great
19) buy used ac and install
20) fix generator.....dang it....3 months is so short
21) watch your kid ride around on her bike while sitting in the pool....
22) watch other kid finally get his bike started
23) go back to camper fool you ain't done
24) find other sock in a bed.....really?
25) remember your tags have been out on the bike trailer for over a year....
26)did you know that if left long enough bread actually disintegrates?
27) seriously? Where is that smell coming from?
28) evidently the air pressure is supposed to be equal in all tires....
29) my bike is the red one right?
30)find several pairs of crusty gloves...we have some sweaty hands in our family
30.1) wash crusty gloves
30.2) at least knock some of the mud off your boots
31) did we even go through mud last race?
32) another sock? seriously? learn to put dirty clothes in the hamper!
33) ugh you have done enough wait till the thursday before the race to finish......

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