I was talking to by friend Erin in Kermit and he rode the Kermit dune area Sunday. There is an road that goes into the south side about half way back that has a concrete pad. A lot of guys used this area in the past as well.

He said about a 100 guys were riding out there. The front area where you used to pay is closed and is now a sand plant owned by Houston High Crush.

It sounds like High Crush for now is not making a stink about people riding out there as long as they stay away from their sand operation.

High Crush only owns the front 1/3rd part of the property as well. From what I understand the rear section is owned by two other people. Hopefully High Crush is like the rear land owners and just lets people ride as long as they don't do stupid things like trash the place.

Kermit is the only decent place to ride dunes in Texas so lets hope it stays open for riding. My last trip there I talked to over 20 people and every one of them was a local in the oil field services business. That place is the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal place to live.
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