Hi there to everyone. I am new to this site and have been looking to find places to go have fun and hopefully to find new people to meet but not sure how to go about it, so here I am .
I'm in Cleburne, looking for places as near by as possible to go 4 wheelin. I tried looking for clubs (Jeep ones,haven't looked for 4x4 ones yet, but ones I found, ummmm very unimpressed with, in my mind of a club, it should be about respect for one another, being there for each other and having fun. Am I wrong?
I would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge of places to go near where I am that can 4 wheel in the old Jeep. Maybe play around in my truck.
If anyone knows of groups or just some folks who go together, have one anothers back, please let me know. I would so appreciate the help. Have a great night/day. Thank you
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