Sorry I haven't visited back here in a while. I noticed multiple post wondering what happened to the Flattrack Mac website and me. Money got tight, time got short, life got too busy and trying to manage the pages on that site became nearly impossible. I had created it writing HTML manually and that is old-school. Can't keep up a site that big doing it the old fashioned way.

I think I may be fixing to bring the site back but from scratch and brand new and made using more modern ways of creating and editing. I need to get with some friends that are into those things (got one in particular in mind) and learn how to do it (the right way).

I also want to make it more interactive for all users for listing their races, changes to pages, etc...

Also, the email address is very rarely checked. For now my best contact is Also I do not have the PO Box any more. My mailing address is 1808 Forman Ct. Plano, TX 75074.

I will let you guys know more as I get closer to bringing it back on line. Thanks for keeping me in mind.

Kevin McIntire