We are so pumped to be launching our first ever Texas FCA Offroad camp this year! This will be a unique camp just for Offroad riders and racers and will be held at the legendary Rio Bravo Motocross Park in Houston, Texas! This camp will be taking place in conjunction with the Houston FCA MX Camp, but will operate as a "stand-alone" camp, with off-road specific instructors, huddles, and training. Both camps will share meal times, chapel times, game times, and facilities but will cater to the rider's specific sport of interest. Rio Bravo is one of the most historic facilities in the country and we are so glad to be returning there for camp the 3rd time!! With an instructor list that is second to none, top-notch programming, an incredible track, killer music, a great speaker, and a group of new and old riding buddies that are after the same thing as you, our 2017 Texas FCA Offroad Camp at Rio Bravo Motocross Park is sure to be the best week of your summer!

July 10 - 13, 2017

Rio Bravo Motocross Park

Cost: $575
*Sibling discounts are available.

Dry Camping:
$15 per day

Electric Hookup:
$200 for the entire week

*We are working to have a limited number of electric hookups available (will update as we have confirmation) We will award spots in the order in which they are reserved.

(Past MX Instructors) Andrew Short, Kevin Johnson, Vernon McKiddie, Larry Hughes, Chris Morris, Cody Haverfield, Cheyenne Harmon, Reed Koch, and Jacob Blomfield. We will update our off-road instructor list as soon as we receive confirmation!

Packing List

Kasi Willingham
(940) 577-1820

Scott Willingham
(254) 413-0699

What's So Special About FCA Offroad Camp?
FCA Offroad camp will challenge and grow you in the sport of Offroad racing in a way you won't get anywhere else. You will receive topnotch training from some of the industry's leading professional riders/ trainers. No one is too under experienced or too over experienced to learn from and be challenged by the awesome instructors at our camps. More importantly however, you will grow and be challenged spiritually with a group of young men and women who love moto just like you. Being a Christian is the most challenging yet exhilarating thing you will ever do, and it is our goal for you to experience that firsthand at FCA Motocross and Offroad camp!

Who are the instructors?
Our instructor list for all of our camps are second to none. We have confirmation from some of the top instructors in the country! Some of our most recent instructors (and potential 2017 instructors) are Andrew Short, Brett Cue, Kevin Johnson, James Marshall, Vernon McKiddie, Vann Martin, Blake Neiheiser, Larry Hughes, John Short, Curren Thurman, and Cody Haverfield! We will update the instructor list, as we get confirmation from our instructors.Some of our past FCA MX Camp instructors include:Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard, Kevin Windham, Andrew Short, Ryan Sipes, Kevin Johnson, Brett Cue, Sarah Whitmore and MANY more. You can be assured that you will receive the BEST possible quality training in the country at all of the FCA MX Camps across the country,Texas included!Two things are for sure, we do not compromise on our instructors and you will not be disappointed!

Texas FCA Offroad Camp is a 4 day, riding intensive, FUN, spiritually challenging Offroad Camp. Riders will get an average of over 5 HOURS/day on Offroad trails, portions of Rio's 3 MX tracks, and specific offload skills sections, with the instructors!
We will provide all the training, food, music, and fun! All you will be responsible for is your lodging. Rio Bravo has plenty of room for dry camping ($15/day) and we are working to have a limited number of electric hookups available (will update as we have confirmation).

Non-riding parents are welcome to stay at camp and be a part of our awesome "parent specific" training. There is no camper fee for non-riding parents, but we do ask that a $7 breakfast, $8 lunch, and a $9 dinner donation be made for each meal you participate in.

Who Can Come To Camp?
YOU! No one is too fast, too slow, too young, or too old! Whether you are a 6 year old old 50cc beginner, a 15 year old women's rider, a D, C, B, or A rider, a 50+ Masters rider, or anywhere between, we will strategically place you with a group of riders that are similar in bike size/ age/ skill level so that you can learn confidently, safely, and effectively, and so you can be challenged by riders that are better than you! We allow all riders from 6-99 years of age to attend Texas FCA MX Camps (some exceptions for 5yo riders will be made- must call to discuss particulars). We are also offering a limited amount of Offroad riders to our Houston FCA MX Camp this year! We will have several miles of trails set up with Offroad specific instructors for our Offroad riders!

The Bottom Line:
Don't miss out on the ultimate combination of Offroad training and Spiritual instruction! It just doesn't get any better than this! FCA Offroad Camp is not a Offroad camp that you accidentally bring your Bible to (where you might accidentally hear something about Jesus), and it's not a church camp that you bring your dirt bike to (where you might get to ride around in a circle for a few minutes a day)... We take the riding instruction as serious as we take the spiritual instruction, and we take the spiritual instruction as serious as we take the riding instruction! No one is too fast or too slow, and NO ONE knows too much or too little to come and have an awesome time at Texas FCA MX Camp!

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