I will tell you that I am horrible at posting on this forum, and especially horrible with checking back on here. I thought I would go ahead and give you the links for the Cole's pictures. (If you notice, you can substitute part of the link and get the other races....r2 = Sterling, r4 = Goertz, r5 = Cole's....this continues through the season!)

To address the pictures on 85s, 65s, 50s & JR Beg....If you want pictures of any of these races, find me on Friday night or Saturday morning and talk with me and I will take them.

Links for Cole's...nothing in the albums yet of course, but you will have the information to check them as much as you want!

50s & JrBeg: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/50s
Sat Practice: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/prac1
Sat CD: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/cd1
Sat PAB: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/pab1
Sun Practice: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/prac2
Sun CD: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/cd2
Sun PAB: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/pab2
SXS: http://www.stoptimephotography.net/torcs/2017/r5/sxs

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