Yeah, it's gonna be on Sunday. The Labor-Day event was rained out, so they're having a "play-day". There will be tag team races etc. BBQ, and lots of effort put into this to make it an impressionable showing. Several of us will be there to demo the trials bikes, and I welcome anyone to join us. We've got a real neat section set up for entertainment, and practice. We're working towards other sections so to eventually have another place where we can hold events. There will always be new spectators here. Our only concern is for the safety of the trials folks near a MX track. Our efforts will be to separate them as best as we can.
Anyway, I'm posting about the upcomming event/demo. Give me a call if you have interest, or just show up and join us. The section is not "deadly". In fact a rookie rider helped me set it up and has ridden it with me. It is very do-able, but pretty impressive, too.
There is some money being put into "Gator" to see it become sucessful, and time will prove it.