2016 Promotions:

Open Int to Exp:
Wesley Gustine
Casey Karr
Robert Pennington

Open Am to Int:
Josh Martin
Kyle Henderson
Anthony Aldrich
Cody Hightower
Brendon Holloway
Nich Channer
Mike Daniel

Open Nov to Am:
Eric Peterson
Dustin Davis
Fisher Wise
Isaac Randolph
Kelsey Curter
Cole Merrick
Jase Fair
Hunter A Smith
Will Randolph
Gary Mortensen

Lite Int to Exp:
Isaac Wright

125 to Lite Int:
Jordan Amyx
Kobey Dearing
Quintin Theiss

250 to Lite Int:
Damon McDonald
Gus Randolph

Over 30 Int to Exp:
Jonathan Campbell

Over 30 Am to Int:
John Hellam
Cody Taylor
Cody Miller
Hunter Miller
Brian Enciso

Over 38 Int to Exp:
Roy Ashley

Over 38 Am to Int:
Joe Martin

Over 45 Int to Exp:
Casey Sullivan

Over 45 Am to Int:
Scott Andrews

Over 52 Int to Exp:
Doug Burrow

Over 52 Am to Int:
Todd Asbill
Clint McCann

Sport Int to Exp:
Taylor Morgan
Tyler Kohls
Tyler Burris
Ryan Dux

Sport Am to Int:
Preston McBride
Cody Miller
Gus Randolph
Cody Taylor
Kris Culver
Michael Holmberg
Jay Short

Ladies Am to Exp:
Maddison Chambers

Mini Int to Exp:
Trevor Simmons
Hunter A Smith
Fisher Wise

Mini Am to Int:
Damion Theiss
Aaron Bowen
Colby Kratochvil
Noah Yates
Will Randolph
Hunter Mayo
Keagin Holloway
Isaac Randolph
Cash Selby

PW50 Int to Exp:
Waylon Acosta
Deacon Denno
Blake Lisby
Carson Benton

PW50 Am to Int:
Preston Cuba
Wylee Barnes
Kaya Painter
Andrew Bratcher

PW65 Int to Exp:
Isaac Randolph
Brody Fry
Levi Martin
Caden Nethery

PW65 Am to Int:
Reid Robinson
Corbin Arwine
Waylon Acosta
Cameron Morse
Ryder Morman
Sam Starkey
Alec Parker
TORN Racing