Hey guys! just found the board and alot of great info. I have an old hotshoe that was given to me and this winter I think i'd like to take a stab at making one. Ill be using some help from friends and my shop's tools. The toe box my buddy is using some sand bags and tools. Here are some questions I had:

1.) I have access to a plasma table that is setup for A36 10ga, 7ga and 1/4". I can easily have the sole, toe cap and sides designed and cut out. However, I hear everyone these days likes to use Stainless steel. I cannot run SS thru the plasma table and would have to buy a sheet and cut it by hand. You guys think A-36 would be OK since Im going to run Stellite or Inconel on the bottom? or try to source some Saw blades?

2.) What thickness for the sole and for the sides?

3.) cheapest place to find a handful of some Stellite rods or alloy for hardening the sole?

I think my current plan was, design out the pieces, plasma cut 1/4" for the sole, side, toe cap. Shape the sole upward slightly, shape the toe box, trim to fit, tack weld all the pieces. Mig all the pieces together. I may be able to find a oven to heat treat the whole thing. then quench. Then have my buddy lay the stellitte hardening on the sole.

any other tips? thanks!!