Hi guys, Im about to be moving back to Dallas and looking to get into UTV racing with TORN. Ive got a lot of 2 wheel cross country experience, but im new to UTV racing. Im looking at buying a 2017 UTV for next season, and was curious on yalls opinion on whats doing well. There's so many out now, its nearly impossible to decide. Been debating the YXZ and the new mavrick X3, but ive seen a YXZ smoke a clutch out on the technical trails, and dont know much about the X3. Also looking at the Rzr's. I do have more experience with Polaris, currently owning a 2016 Rzr-4. Figured id reach out the the experienced guys and get your opinion on each. IM curious about things like how the belts, clutchs, suspension, cooling system, axles, etc holding up to racing on a stock unit. Common failures, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Thanks in advance. Mike