Any help would be appreciated. A client of mine had a trailer, bikes, gear and tools stolen sometime last week into the weekend. He has a hundred acres in Elgin that has a house at the back that the trailer was parked at. While on vacation he was informed that his gate had been cut and the trailer was gone by a family member. It was a night time job, and since it was in a desolate location at the very back of the property they think someone knew about the bikes and trailer (there has been a lot of renovations and land work recently).
The trailer is a white Continental 6x10' single axle enclosed trailer. It has a rectangular looking patch on the upper part of the back ramp door that was repaired due to dropping the aluminum ramp onto a rock (very noticeable if you look for it).
The CRF 80 and the TTR were pretty basic, but the Six Days KTM was plated for street use and very clean. The list doesn't show a second CRF 80 but it was stolen as well(it was not his and the owners didn't care to pursue).
I'm sure these guys are known in the community and hope that any tips will lead to an arrest and return of property.

See Attatchment below for Vin Numbers

Substantial monetary reward is offered. $$$$

Elgin Trailer Theft.pdf (4 downloads)