Unfortunately Mother Nature did not cooperate last weekend at Cowbone Creek and we were forced to cancel Sunday's races due to lightening and severe weather. The make-up for Cowbone Creek Sunday Program will be June 25-26. Since the pee-wee program have already ran for this past event, there will not be any pee-wee races on Saturday, but both pee-wee and the big track will be open for practice on Saturday. The promoter has decided to have fun races such as buddy races, parent/child races etc. on the pee-wee track in lieu of the pee-wee program on Saturday, these will be free of charge and not for series points.

Since this will be a full race weekend with the exception of the pee-wee races, normal gate fees will apply. If you already purchased a race entry from last weekend, that will be honored and you will not need to purchase another one.

There is never a perfect solution when the weather does not cooperate. After discussions with myself, the Vice President and Board of Directors, we feel that this is the best solution for the members, club, promoter and the land owner. Thank you for your understanding and see you next weekend at Thackerville!

Mark Vrzak
TCCRA President

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