Hello everyone. Hope Y'all are ready for next weekend's race at Patriot Park. Because the race was postponed we have an extra week to get everyone signed up for Fly Contingency. Huge thanks to Todd Tarver and Bert Reynolds for hosting sign ups and to Todd for personally faxing peoples names into Fly. Please check the list to make sure your name is on it these are the only names who have been sent in. If you bought Fly gear at sign up and your name isn't on the list contact Todd with KTM of North Texas to make sure you get signed up for contingency.

Shelly Thrash Aiden Benson
Todd Hutson Brendan Bravo
Jeremy Sternadel Brandon Pierce
Billy Hutson Marty Ishmael
Dennis Arnold Mark Vrzak
Justin Johnson John Johnson
CK Downing Andrew Williams
Jamy Akins Mallory Dickinson
David Millhollon Connie Millhollon
Pierce Balano

Also remember the Patrol and F-16 gear aren't eligible for Fly Contingency. Even if you bought the gear last year, but it's 2016 you can still sign up. All you need is a receipt and to fax in your form to Fly to start getting your Fly Bucks. Any questions email or get holt of David Millhollon or Jamy Akins (jamyakins@gmail.com). This directly affects how much fly gives us to spend at the banquet. Now lets get ready to start this 44th season of TCCRA.
Jamy Akins