I have shot the Red Canyon Enduro and the Lone Star Enduro. I know many of you have seen me on the trails shooting and thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Steven Chapman and I am a cotton farmer east of Lubbock. I have been an amateur photographer for over 30 years and recently my hobby has turned more to an enthusiast and even professional. This past year I began shooting Tech Football and Tech Baseball. In the past, I have shot a lot of wildlife and landscape photography.

I am lucky to know one of your fellow riders who does a lot of work with the PBMA and the Red Canyon Enduro. He invited me to come down and shoot the race. I really enjoyed it and felt like I did okay shooting the race. I then decided to shoot the Lone Star Enduro. This was even better as I got to shoot Saturday and Sunday.

I will be at the Caprock Canyons Enduro next weekend and hope to get some great shots there. Since this will be only my third time shooting a race I was hoping to get some input on what kind of photos yall would like to see. Also, since many of you have been to Caprock Canyons Enduro I would like to get your thoughts on different places for different shots.

Below is a list of the galleries from these races that I have on my website. I hope you enjoy viewing them and hope I get a good shot of you in the races.

PBMA Red Canyon photos. (I have more and if you don't see yours you can email me at Dbltfarmer@sptc.net)

LTR Lone Star Enduro
(morning Sprint Enduro, Creek Track)
(afternoon Sprint Enduro, Creek Track)
(mini enduro)
(Sunday Enduro)
(Fan page)
(Saturday highlights)

You can also see many of my photos at https://www.facebook.com/Farmtofoto/