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#586468 - 02/04/16 12:46 AM Number system
ridered Offline
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Going to ask this on the other forums as well.
Why can't the 4 series that race this way( Toro, Torn, Tccra, and lonestar offroad) all use the same numbers, so racers don't have to get new backrounds when they race a different series? They all use transponders to score and numbers for back up. If they were all the same it would be better on the riders budget.
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#586492 - 02/04/16 08:39 PM Re: Number system [Re: ridered]
John45 Offline
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I love your idea; however the series cant seem to agree even on how many classes and which classes and thats the reason they are all so different. I think we as racers want the options/variety of age vs bike size vs skill vs fun .. Therefore the class structures are varying across the series..

I'm no one special and not on any board, but the 2-3 series ive tried thats just my thinking.
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#586645 - 02/10/16 03:54 PM Re: Number system [Re: John45]
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John, you are correct.

Even with similar classes, age groups and skill levels, as well as class count, are not 1 to 1 across all of the series. And if that were the case, it would still require all groups to agree on a specific numbering aystem, which then would only work until a new class is made, or a new series comes into the fold.

TCCRA has been around the longest, followed by TORO, TORN, and then this Lonestar Series. The level of effort involved in changing the system for all of the clubs far outweighs (at this time) the individual rider cost, as most of the clubs listed above offer some form of temporary numbering at the track.

It is a great idea, and has been broached many times in the past. As a club, we always look for feedback that is presented from our members, and this is something that gets some discussion time each year at the end of year board meetings.
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