This weekend is the Texas Tornado Boot Camp "Mad Dawg Nationals"
We (Craig Reed and I) put together a Mad Dawg bike in 2 weeks, starting with a 2003 TTR 125, we added a BBR big bore 150 kit, some head and intake porting work, a 28mm carb, a Uni air filter, and a BT45 rear tire. Thanks for Craig as he did most of the work, I really only did the rear tire mounting and grooving.

I raced Dirt Wars 10 and had a freaking blast, I raced the Pro Dirt Wars class as well as the Pro Mad Dawg class, needless to say I got slaughtered in the Mad Dawg class, the pros are real pros and I hadn't ridden there in 2 years so I was rusty until the very last race of the night.

We built this little jewel to give it another shot at this coming Saturdays National.

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