The Trail Riders of Houston will hold the Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit Round #1 Caney Creek Enduro on September 27, 2015. This is event will be held in the Sam Houston National Forest west of New Waverly, Texas. The Enduro chairman is Lynn Bailey and he has set a workday for Sunday, August 30th. We will meet at the Eastside Trailhead behind the Gulf Coast Trade Center on Forest Road 233 at 8am and immediately form teams to clean the trails. The work is planned to conclude no later than 11am to try and beat the heat. We will meet back at the trailhead and eat lunch provided by TRH. Bring your riding gear and we'll go ride a loop before it gets crazy hot.

We need everyone's help to prepare for this event, so PLEASE make plans to attend at least one of the workdays. Every swing of the machete helps!!! Please contact Lynn Bailey @ 832-465-7790 or

What you need for the workday:

Motorcycle with Spark Arrestor and State ORV sticker

(2016 Stickers available from Lynn Bailey - $16)

Machete or branch loppers and a safe way to transport

Plenty of water!

NOTE: Please send an email to Lynn Bailey prior to the scheduled work day to let him know you will be present. This information helps to plan work crews and section assignments. Also, please let us know your familiarity with SHNF, so we can group workers together accordingly.

Also, make sure you start drinking plenty water in the days leading up to the work mornings. It's easy to start drinking too late and become a heat casualty before your body can catch up from the lost water. Heat injuries are no fun, so please prepare!

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