We are pushing our race to June 6-7. We are staying at Edgewood, track is built and ready to go. This will be a combo. ATV/UTV's please take note you will be racing at Edgewood on the 6-7. Sorry to change that but we are trying our best to get this started and this property is big enough for everyone. Below are the dates for the year, a few have been added. This is a "tentative" schedule and we are working to get all 10 races for the year. Be patient as I will fill in the the locations as we get the first 2 done.
June 6-7 - Edgewood (combo)
June 27-28 - Brazos Valley - MC, UTV and Utility only
Aug 8-9 - Oak Hill (ATV/UTV)
Sept 5-6
Sept 19-20
Oct 3-4
Oct 24-25
Nov 14-15
Dec 5-6
Jan 16-17
TORN Racing